Best of Namibia

Wonderful Namibia is truly the most scenic country on the African continent, featuring giant sand dunes, granite rock formations, long stretches of coastline, vast expanses of Kalahari bush, rolling grassy hills, dry lake bottoms and a great variety of valuable habitats for wildlife. The country also has a rich cultural heritage and an incredibly interesting history.

This 13 day Best of Namibia safari will start in the capital city of Windhoek and firstly visit the luxurious Erindi Private Game Reserve, the largest private nature reserve in the world.

On the way to our next destination we visit the fascinating San bushmen of the area, the true original inhabitants of southern Africa, where we will get a glimpse into their ancient way of living.

Next up is the world famous Etosha National Park, truly one of the great wildlife reserves on the planet, where four of Africa’s Big Five mammals freely roam the endless flat landscape.

We then head for the northern tribal territories of the Himba, the last nomadic people left in southern Africa, before reaching the dramatic and spectacular Damaraland area, home to the desert adapted elephants, lions and rhinos.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Twyfelfontein and the barren Skeleton Coast is on the agenda the next day, and after that we enjoy the informative and fascinating Living Desert Experience just outside the picturesque coastal town of Swakopmund.

To finish the trip we head to world famous Sossusvlei, home of the highest red sand dunes on earth, and a place where your camera will click non-stop, especially if you opt for the hot-air balloon ride over the area!

This safari can be offered as a private or small group safari guided by one of our expert Nature Travel guides. Do you have any questions about this Namibia Safari? Speak to a specialist at


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