The dream destination…Namibia

Whether it will be your first visit to Namibia our you are returning for more, our country is the heart of Africa. Where else will you find sand dunes, wildlife, seals, great birding opportunities, the desert, rich culture,  lush riverbanks…? the list goes on and on.

When you’ve travelled to Namibia it’s actually difficult to choose that one favourite place, it’s just all immensely beautiful!

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We would love to show you our wonderful Namibia! Join us on your next trip and experience the best of this amazing country.

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Because we care


In difficult times one’s mind often wanders to special memories, almost comforting yourself with what you have experienced and in our case, been so privileged to experience.  To do a walking safari tracking one of the most endangered African mammal species, the desert-adapted Black Rhinoceros, is top of the list of such special memories.

It’s almost indescribable; the anticipation, the awareness of the breathtaking surroundings and the overwhelming feeling of appreciation of being in the presence of these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

You leave with the feeling of  “I care”. I care about the beauty of our world and it’s animals and the protection thereof because it gives so much back to us.  The serenity that nature offers is priceless.

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Namibia…it’s a photographer’s paradise!

black-faced impala - ongava

Nature offers beautiful opportunities to take that unforgettable photograph. Now in Namibia you have the unique combination of the desert, wildlife, birding, open spaces and just that little something extra.

See what we are talking about…

zebra stallions fighting - etosha NP

Giraffe drinking - ongava-2

greater kestrel - etosha NP

You will have wonderful photography opportunities on any of our safaris as Namibia is just one of the most beautiful countries to visit. Let us take you there!

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Etosha, Caprivi, Chobe, Vic Falls….what’s not to love?


One of our most popular safaris is the ECCVF Safari where we visit Etosha, Caprivi, Chobe and Vic Falls.  Just to mention all these destinations in one sentence is exhilarating!

We’re talking stunning wildlife, birding, photography opportunities and landscapes!

Let’s show you why this is an incredible safari.

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The curious case of the Desert Adapted Elephants in Namibia


Elephants in the Desert? Yes, an astonishing collection of wildlife has adapted to the arid desert and seemingly inhospitable environment in Namibia. And then your next question will be how?

They have adapted to their dry, semi-desert environment by having a smaller body mass with proportionally longer legs and seemingly larger feet than other elephants. Their physical characteristics allow them to cross miles of sand dunes to reach water. They have even been filmed sliding down a dune face to drink at a pool in a desert oasis. Water, dust, and especially mud are sought out for bathing and coating the skin against the harsh sun and biting insects.

They communicate in a highly intelligent way with others of their species. Many of their calls are low-frequency calls and rumbles (below the level of human hearing) that can travel 5-10km or more. They can also make a variety of other sounds and calls including trumpeting, snorting, roaring, barking and grunting.

Just look how beautiful they are



We were also privileged with this very special sighting

They are of high national and international conservation priority and have been designated as top priority for protection by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). There is only one other group of desert-dwelling Elephants in the world. They live in Mali in North Africa.

Join Nature Travel Namibia on safari to see these amazing Desert Adapted animals!