Namibia, Botswana, Zambia Birding

Tour Overview
The three countries of Namibia, Botswana and Zambia offer some of the best birding and general wildlife viewing in all of Africa. Over the years we have perfected our two week itinerary to include excellent birdwatching opportunities, spectacular parks and reserves, great accommodation, some top attractions, and fantastic chances of seeing the Big Five and other rare and special mammals.

Expect to be amazed at the incredible habitat diversity during this trip, from miombo woodland in Zambia and lush riparian forest in the Caprivi and Botswana, to arid desert and sand dune landscapes in central Namibia, not forgetting the spectacular lagoon at Walvis Bay on the Atlantic coast, and much more! This diversity brings with it some fantastic birdwatching, with many of the endemic, special and localised species featuring on every serious birder’s wish list. You can count on seeing several hundred avian species, along with many mammals, other fauna and flora and some superb classic African safari landscapes. Let’s go birding!
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This Birding Tour is a Private Guided Tour, customized for you by our expert team.
Any element can be tailored, starting with your planned tour dates, activities, accommodation etc.
Tour info:
Safari starts in Livingstone (Zambia) and ends in Walvis Bay (Namibia)
Duration- 14 days/13 nights
Type of accommodation- Comfortable, mid-range
This Birding Tour can be booked as a Private Guided Tour for any date as per your planned travel dates
Apart from private tours, we offer this birding tour as a Group tour with set departure date.
Next group safari departure: November 2024 / November 2025

Victoria Falls-
UNESCO World Heritage Site and Natural Wonder of the World
Etosha National Park-
One of the planet’s top wildlife reserves
Okavango Delta-
Water wonderland and another UNESCO World Heritage Site
Dramatic landscapes and home to desert adapted wildlife
Walvis Bay-

Top Birds:
Pel’s Fishing Owl
Western Banded Snake Eagle
White-backed Night Heron
Slaty Egret
Damara Tern
Wattled Crane
African Skimmer
Dune and Gray’s Lark
Hartlaub’s Spurfowl
Bradfield’s Hornbill
Damara Red-billed Hornbill
Monteiro’s Hornbill

Top Mammals:
African Elephant
African Buffalo
White & Black Rhinoceros (Africa’s Big Five)
African Wild Dog
Sable and Roan Antelope

Optional Activities:
• Adventure activity at Victoria Falls
• Night drive in Etosha National Park (if staying inside the park)
• Adventure activity at Walvis Bay

Day 1 Start of tour in Livingstone, Zambia
Day 2 Victoria Falls and the Zambezi river
Day 3 Eastern Caprivi
Day 4 Zambezi floodplain and the Okavango river
Day 5 The Okavango
Day 6 The Caprivi broadleaf woodland
Day 7 Eastern Etosha National Park
Day 8 East-central Etosha National Park
Day 9 Southern Etosha National Park
Day 10 Western Etosha National Park
Day 11 Damaraland
Day 12 The Erongo Mountains
Day 13 Walvis Bay
Day 14 Dune Lark and Departure

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