Birding in Namibia

Namibia is known for its unique arid beauty, conservation and wildlife but there is another attraction that brings travellers from all over the world here. Birding!

With a bird list of almost 700 species, one true endemic and 15 near-endemics, surrounded by the epic beauty of this country, birding in Namibia is a must for your birding wishlist. Namibia’s proximity to the Okavango Delta in Botswana and Victoria Falls in Zambia makes it an even more intriguing birding destination for enthusiasts.

Our guides have many years of expert knowledge of Namibia and birding in and around the area, offering an unforgettable birding experience. Whether you’re an avid birder looking to expand your list or just have time for a short trip, or even a day trip, our Namibia Birding Tours will focus on the best of birding in Namibia.

Popular Namibia Birding Tours:

NBZ-Birding        Namibia-Endemics        Windhoek-Day-Birding        Short-Namibia-Endemics

To make sure we put together the perfect Namibia birding tour for you, any of our trips can be customized according to your requirements, available dates, budget, etc.

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