Namibia: the ideal family safari destination

Wondering if you can travel to Namibia with your family, including your kids? The answer is a definite yes! In fact, you can expect a very exciting African adventure that your kids will never forget.

Let’s tell you why: 

Travel safely:  You can really feel at ease when travelling through Namibia with your family; one of the safest countries in Africa.  The country has a very low crime rate, with isolated incidents of common crime, like pickpocketing, that can be avoided by being sensible and alert when you travel.

You can also look forward to safe travels in terms of the quality of roads. You will find a lot of gravel roads, but even these are well maintained and in a good condition.  Keeping to the speed limit, looking out for animals in wildlife areas, and not driving at night is advised when travelling through Namibia.  

Best time to visit: The best time to visit is between July and August, which ideally falls over the summer school holiday for most countries.

More good news is that Namibia has no malaria in the tourist areas and you don’t have to take any malaria medication, no matter which time of the year you plan your itinerary.  The only area that has a higher risk for malaria is in the Caprivi strip in the far north.  

Medical care:  When you are travelling with kids, one of your first concerns is that you have access to reliable and quality medical care.  Namibia is a developed country where you will find excellent hospitals and doctors. However, depending on your itinerary you might travel long distances between destinations and it is advisable to have a good medical kit with you in case of a medical emergency.

Accommodation:  You can look forward to quality accommodation options. Whether you are looking to stay at a lodge, reserve, or even go camping, you can expect a high standard of hospitality all over Namibia. Remember to book child-friendly accommodation or ask for a family room where available.

Language: Namibia speaks English, making it accessible even for smaller children.

Attractions:   The attractions and ‘things to do’ in Namibia are endless and you will have to plan your trip to the T, to make sure you get to experience most of what Namibia has to offer. 

Just to name a few, you can add to your list, spending time on the sand dunes, visiting heritage and cultural destinations, going on safari in Etosha, going for a hike, riding on a fatbike in the desert, attempting a sand board, exploring the living desert, taking a trip to the Cape Cross Seal Reserve, experience the Skeleton Coast and of course, visits to the beautiful coastal towns like Swakopmund or Walvis Bay, which offer an array of activities on their own.  Add the experience of the abundance of wildlife and birds and your travel destination ticks all the boxes of an adventure destination for the whole family.

Food:  You will find delicious food anywhere in Namibia and most of the lodges offer European style cuisine.

Most of the towns throughout Namibia have westernized supermarkets or shops selling quality foods, fresh produce and meats.  Traditional German foods and treats, like the legendary apple strudel in Solitaire is a must to try. 

Climate:  Great climate with clear blue skies all year round are a bonus.  Although the evenings can be chilly in winter time, the days are still delightful and warm.

A family safari to Namibia offers you the chance to share the magic of Africa with your kids in a safe, accessible country with top attractions rating as some of the best in Africa.

For enquiries about booking a customized family safari to our home country, talk to our expert team at  We’ll put together a tailor-made safari, making sure you and your family have an unforgettable Namibia experience.

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