Vets for Wildlife Program

Join our expert team on this exclusive 2-week Vets for Wildlife program that will offer you a veterinary safari experience with hands-on and behind the scenes activities.  This program is an excellent student wildlife experience and ideal for adventurous and flexible students. You will get the chance to experience the “real” side of wildlife research, volunteering and veterinary activities on a day to day basis. If you have a passion for wildlife, conservation and research, this is a must.

The program is based at a Wildlife Sanctuary but overnight visits to other wildlife conservation centres, sanctuaries and farms is possible depending on the active cases at the time.

Be ready to pack your bags at short notice and join the research and vet team as they visit surrounding farms and other sanctuaries to tend to emergencies and active cases.

The program could include any of the following activities:
• Research and monitoring of carnivores (Lion, Leopard, African Wild Dog, Spotted  Hyena, Brown Hyena) on the Wildlife Sanctuaries
• Care, feeding and monitoring of rehabilitated animals on the sanctuary
• Joining the team of vets on any active vet cases on the Wildlife Sanctuary and surrounding farms
• Research (including monitoring free-roaming carnivores, analysing camera traps and GPS data)
• Joining the team of vets on any call-outs to other wildlife reserves and sanctuaries
• Joining the vets in the small animal clinic for interesting surgeries or day to day procedures
• Joining our vets on large animal (bovine and equine) call outs
• Spotted Hyena Research Project
• Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra Research Project
• Cheetah monitoring project
• Assisting with capture and release of wildlife
• Extensions to Namibia Tourist attractions can be arranged.

*Please note this program is highly flexible and will depend on the active cases at the time – flexibility and a sense of adventure is a must!

For more information contact the Namibia Vet Safari team at