Five Aardvarks on one safari

On a recent Namibia endemic birding and nocturnal animal safari, we did two night drives on consecutive nights in Damaraland where we saw 3 of these strange looking animals on the first night followed by another the following night.


Two of them actually came close to the vehicle to investigate, which gave us a chance to really enjoy this rare sighting. From here we moved to a reserve/concession bordering Etosha National Park where we saw two more on a night drive!

The Aardvark is one of the most elusive of all animals to find on safari in Africa and yet the signs of them being around is everywhere. They feed on ants and termites and with their spade-like nails and stout legs they are capable of digging excessive burrows to find food and to provide shelter during the daylight hours. These burrows are then used by a variety of other animals for shelter and denning. They prefer open woodland or scrubland but are found in a variety of habitats. They are found through most of Africa south of the Sahara but are absent in the central African forest zone.

Besides being so lucky with Aardvark sightings we also managed to see Porcupine, African Wild Cat, Cape Fox, Bat-eared Fox, Cheetah, Springhare, Aardwolf (an incredible 6 of them in total), Spotted Hyena and Lion on the night drives. We are planning another nocturnal wildlife safari in June 2018 and can be arranged on request if you have special interest in nocturnal animals.

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