We here at Nature Travel Namibia love our country and its stunning landscapes. One of our favourite areas to visit is the pristine and remote Kunene region.
Travel to Namibia and visit Kunene with Nature Travel Namibia

Kunene is one of the fourteen official regions of Namibia and is located in the far northwestern corner of the country. It is roughly 115 260 square kilometres (44 500 square miles) big, with a population density of only 0.75 people per square kilometre (2 per square mile)!

Kunene’s western edge is the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. In the north, it borders Angola’s Namibe Province, and in the far eastern part of its northern edge, it borders Cunene Province. Compared to the rest of Namibia, it is relatively underdeveloped. This is due to the mountainous inaccessible geography and the dryness that significantly hinders agriculture.

It is home to an abundance of wildlife. A wealth of African Elephant, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Spotted Hyaena, Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, Springbok and Gemsbok roam here. This is also home to the largest population of free-ranging Black Rhinoceros in the world.
Gemsbok in Namibia, Kunene with Nature Travel Namibia

The region’s name comes from the 1050 kilometre (650 miles) long perennial Kunene River, which forms the northern border with Angola. It flows from the Angola highlands south to the border with Namibia, and then west along the border until it reaches the Atlantic Ocean. The dramatic and beautiful Epupa Falls lies on the river and is a popular tourist attraction. There are all sorts of exciting activities to enjoy on and along the river, from boat cruises and canoeing to white-water rafting and fishing.
It is also a birdwatching hotspot, with many localised and highly prized species occurring here.

The largest town and capital of the region is Opuwo. It is the only bigger town to be found in the Kunene region and is an ideal stopover when travelling north to the Epupa Falls. The only airport in the region is found here, offering the option of fly-in safaris.

The Kunene region is home to the Himba tribe who seem to thrive in this stark desert landscape. The Himba people, one of the last true nomadic tribes on Earth, is a highlight on any visit to the area, with their intricate customs, ochre-covered bodies, jewellery and skins.

There are many other attractions in this fascinating region to enjoy, from dedicated wildlife conservancies to informative cultural museums and thrilling 4×4 adventure trails. We offer trips to the dramatic Kunene region as part of our self-drive or guided Namibia safaris.
Travel to Namibia and visit Kunene with Nature Travel Namibia

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